Part II ACTIVE Phase

For ACTIVE phase, the ACTIVE FOEMINA handpiece  is used. On this handpiece we fasten a special shielded electrode developed for this kind of application. The treatment starts only after applying the specific disposable cover on the shielded electrode.
A drop of Amino Gel and one of Jaluro Gel are applied directly on the surface of the disposable cover in contact with the treatment area.

First ACTIVE maneuver dedicated to the lower abdomen


In this case, we make ascending maneuvers starting from the pubis and going up along the abdomen to its navel, first along the upright abdominal, then some vertical movements ending the height of the pelvic crests. These steps are repeated several times. Such maneuvers are performed by making a slight pressure on the handpiece, thus favoring a good adherence to the skin tissue.
After that we proceed with the stimulation of the mons pubis, by sliding the handpiece in parallel from the right to the left and vice versa on the whole area.

Second ACTIVE maneuver

If necessary, a small amount of Amino Gel and Jaluro Gel are applied again on the center of the shielded electrode, by spreading them around the vulva.
We then begin ascending maneuvers that start from the perineum and rise parallel to the mons pubis, with which the tissue surrounding the vulva and the large and small lips are treated uniformly. This maneuver is repeated for at least 5 or 6 times.

Second ACTIVE maneuver


Third ACTIVE maneuver on labia majora and labia minora

The “third ACTIVE maneuver” on labia majora and labia minora is carried out with steps made starting from the labia minora and ending outside the labia majora.
When this phase is over, the ACTIVE 1, 2 and 3 maneuvers are repeated again.
The treatment is well accepted by the patient: thanks to the particular settings of FOEMINA program, STIM and the ACTIVE phases are also perfectly compatible with the specific characteristics of female genitalia, allowing to perform a safe progressively effective and non-invasive treatment.

Third ACTIVE maneuver on labia majora and labia minora


For this field of application, we recommend a cycle of 6 sessions to be carried out once or twice a week in order to offer an overall aesthetic and functional improvement of the treated area.

The treatment has no down-time effects and patient can start having sexual intercourses on the same day of the session.